Buy Solbiati Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Professional, Solbiati wood fired pizza ovens

Custom made pizza ovens


WE ARE HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE we are now selling Solbiati wood fired tunnel ovens. Perfect for home or commercial use – they are light weight, commercial graded and although designed for wood fired cooking, they can also be fitted with a gas burner ideal for bushfire prone regions.

The Solbiati custom made oven heats quickly to 400°C in just 30 minutes – ideal for large trays of pizza, roasts, cakes and all you favourites. Featuring a wide oven mouth with thermometer; helping you keep temperatures under control and a cooking area of 1000mm x 1000mm to easily fit up to 6 pizzas at any one time. The overall size of the oven on 1360mm long and 1150mm wide.

The oven is manufactured from long lasting stainless steel and is available in a variety of colours. The oven also features 350mm granite ledge.

The construction of this oven makes it also the perfect choice for trailer mounting or mounting in food trucks.

Buy ALFA Pizza Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Professional, ALFA Pizza wood fired pizza ovens

The Art of Wood Fired Pizza Ovens


We are the Southern Highlands agent for Alfa pizza ovens. These are the ovens we cook our delicious pizza’s in and are also available for your purchase. We can supply the complete range of Alfa pizza ovens, including accessories.

All professional Alfa models can be fueled with gas or wood. Ideal for food trucks, outdoor and indoor use.

Alfa Pro produces the only compact, ready to use wood fired and gas powered professional ovens for your restaurant or pizzeria . Designed especially for pizzerias or restaurants and for those who want an innovative, quick and money saving professional pizza oven. They can easily reach 450°C / 840°F in just 30 minutes and cook up to 8 pizzas in less than 90 seconds.

Available in different sizes: the smallest is 90 cm deep and can be placed on top of a professional kitchen or under the hood; the biggest is perfect for the terrace, garden or outdoor area.

ALFA Quattro Pro

Quattro is a ready to use professional wood fired oven. Just connect the chimney flue pipe for the wood version or simply place it under the hood for the gas version. Bakes up to 70 pizzas in one hour and thanks to its wheels and lightweight it’s perfect for catering events or mobile business use.

This pizza oven is super fast, reaching 450°C / 840°F in just 30 minutes, the refractory floor is 8 cm thick and retains heat well, releasing it slowly for hours. The day after you could have the floor at 150°C / 300°F. Available in gas or wood version. Quattro professional pizza oven always guarantees the best performance and high quality cooking.

ALFA Quick Pro

Quick is our largest mobile commercial wood fired oven. Perfect for catering, food truck and mobile business. Available in top version or with base with wheels, Quick reaches 450° C / 840 °F in just 40 minutes, faster than any other pizzeria wood fired oven.

Quick can cook up to 110 pizzas per hour, one pizza in just 2 minutes! The honeycomb stainless steel structure of the combustion chamber makes the oven light and robust, perfectly ready to be placed in a restaurant or in a pizzeria. Thanks to its wheels, this commercial pizza oven can be moved outside in the summer and inside in the winter or when not in use.

ALFA Opera Pro

Opera is the biggest professional wood fired and gas powered oven in the Alfa Pro range. Available in wood or gas versions, this device is perfect for those who want a professional oven that offers traditional wood fired oven flavour. Its light weight and stainless steel dome enable you to save on fuel costs.

This is a real professional wood fired oven that cooks up to 150 pizzas per hour. Both wood and gas versions come with a 30 Kw burner which can be installed under the hood with no installation works in your restaurant or pizzeria. Opera is perfect for pizza and much more….steaks, seafood, or any other kind of dishes.

Buy Valoriani Forni Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

Professional wood fired pizza ovens by Valoriani Forni

AGA Approved & Recognised as Real Neapolitan Pizza Ovens by AVPN


VALORIANI FORNI wood fired ovens, represent some of the finest quality professional wood fired pizza ovens sold throughout Australia.

Specialising in premium-quality, exquisitely crafted Tuscan-style wood fired ovens, Valoriani Forni offers the largest range of residential woodfired ovens in Australia. We are the Southern Highlands agent of Valoriani Forni Wood Fired Ovens, made in Tuscany, Italy. With several different models and various sizes available, we are certain to have the perfect solution for your home, budget and lifestyle. These ovens are amazing pieces of outdoor design for elegant “al fresco” nights. Invite your friends and family, spend wonderful moments by making pizza and woodfired meat or seafood.


The Valoriani GR Series offers several model sizes to meet the demanding needs of restaurants and commercial applications; providing exceptional and consistent performance even during a period of most intense work.

Available in various sizes.


Made and pre-assembled in Italy and ready for installation and operation. Equipped with an external rendered oven finish the Igloo can also be customised by creating a specially built external oven finish. Containing the Commercial Series GR components, the Igloo can be installed on a frame or base and represents a complete solution for any commercial application.

Available in various sizes.


Valoriani Forni professional OT Series oven comes fully assembled and made in Italy, ready for installation and operation. Equipped with an external oven finish of metal cladding, glazed with fire retardant paint, and containing the Commercial Series GR component – the OT Series can be installed on a frame or base and represents a complete solution for any commercial application.

Available in various sizes.